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Arien Elensar
22 May 2018 @ 01:00 pm, reposted by arien_elensar

It has most certainly been a long time. For anyone curious, I am one of three moderator+maintainers of this community as this position was passed to me many years ago. 

Anyways, the puppy love is still alive in me. And it seems I am not the only one as I still see content being uploaded to various social media platforms, though nowhere near as much as there use to be.

Though my love for this pairing took a backseat to life for a while, it stirred in me a couple weeks ago. I began to revisit old and new AMVs. But I wanted more, so naturally I searched for new highly rated fan fiction. And I came across some gems. 

I HIGHLY recommend the multi-chapter Side Deck by Alecto which details the development of S&J's relationship post-canon through various settings.

There is another ff.net author who wrote a wonderful, also multi-chapter fic about a middle aged S/J. I do not have the authors name on hand but the piece is called The Crane Husband. The author also has two other great pieces, one of which is called Sportsmanship. 

I hope anyone reading this enjoys the recommendations and the fact that we KaiJou lovers are still out there. 

I would love to hear from anyone interested in sharing their opinion on these pieces, KaiJou's relationship or anything else. Does anyone else have any good fan fiction recommendations?!

Love to you all!

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Arien Elensar
08 December 2012 @ 06:02 am
even arrogant and pushy (if some of my lj comments are anything to go by)

Yeah, I hope that's changed...

Anyways, I came across beautiful icons by fisheye. The one I'm using right now is from the lot.

We have guests from Canada coming over tomorrow so I need to go pick up the clothes strewn all over my bed. :P
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Arien Elensar
04 December 2012 @ 02:56 am
I am going to try (a second time) to make a place for myself here again. Hopefully with uni done I'll be more successful this time around.

The only obstacles I forsee are an unpaid internshp I got myself into but no longer have much any interest in (it ends in about a month) and researching for grad school, or if that's not in the cards yet, applying for jobs.

I'm giving myself about two month folks, let's see if I can at least be dependable about this.

I'm interested to see who's still active.
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Arien Elensar
30 November 2012 @ 11:43 pm

The 2012 ygodrabble Secret Santa gift-fic exchange is underway. There are only a few days left to sign-up. Sign-ups end Sunday, December 2nd. All you have to do is submit your name, the email address where you can be reached, and your preferences for a drabble, all set out according to the form below.

For the sign-up form and more information, please click here...

*ygodrabble's 81st drabble challenge is also going on. The theme is Family. Entries are due Sunday, December 9th and the word limit is 100-600.

Happy Holiday's everyone, and I hope you decide to enter. :)
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Arien Elensar
Enter for the chance to win your own banner!
Enter for the chance to win your own personalised banner!

It is maintained by obabscribbler (or Scribbler, on fanfiction.net) and thankfully not me.
Arien Elensar
24 October 2009 @ 02:02 pm
Some of you may have heard that Geocities.com is closing on Oct. 26th, and so I decided to compile a list of some of the well made/rare YGO tribute sites (some have already disappeared) it hosted for a last look at them. Many of these sites have great info and images so I recommend saving what you like/might need now before it’s gone! Please let me know if I missed any good ones.

For once you should hope your favorite character/pairings aren’t on the listCollapse )
Arien Elensar
11 September 2009 @ 01:52 am
Editing tags is a long and tedious process, so naturally I got distracted

I am a vanilla iced coffee…Collapse )
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Arien Elensar
10 September 2009 @ 12:47 am
I just accidentally told my friend, who hasn't read the last book yet, that Bella (from the Twilight series) has a kid (btw I dislike this series). I just found out that we're going to have to sell our german shepherd puppy (we've had him for a month). And I just lost one of my little gold earrings. It fell off of my desk right in front of me. And I can't for the life of me figure out where it could have possibly gone! (EDIT: I found it, yay!)


Yes, yes; drama, drama. I know.

Anyways, I'm searching through minty_peach for a new layout. Maybe I'll actually start blogging again now that I have time.

(I just ate a pack of fruit snacks after dessert. Why did I do that?! I haven't splurged in months. Emotional eating...

I think I'm just bored out of my mind. (second year of uni doesn't start for me until Sept. 21st)
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Arien Elensar
24 June 2009 @ 02:56 am
Your Absolute Yuugiou Life [For Girls] by KittyLo
What is your username?
What is your desired age in the Yuugiou-verse?
What is your desired color?
Your Name & Origin (first, last)Cassandra Blackstone (England)
Your Deck (because it's Yuugiou)Duelist (with an army-style deck)
Your Ambition/PassionSoccer/defeating the current champion
Your AttitudeSugary, hug-y, gullible
Your AppearanceMagazine cover beauty
You HairThick, long, shoulder length, orange waves
Your EyesHazel
Your Distinguishing MarkChewing gum/lollipop at all times
Your Best Friend (with chance of love)Mai Kujaku
Your Other Best FriendMokuba Kaiba
Your Love InterestSeto Kaiba (how'd you manage that?)
Your Other Love InterestRyou Bakura
The Song That Describes Your LoveReal Love by Regina Spektor
The Chance Of You Finding Happiness
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